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Public Historians at Work

Center for Public History @ University of Houston

Welcome to “Public Historians at Work,” a podcast series from the Center for Public History at the University of Houston. Our vision at CPH is to ignite an understanding of our diverse pasts by collaborating with and training historically minded students, practitioners, and the public through community-driven programming and scholarship. In this podcast series, we speak with academics, writers, artists, and community members about what it means to do history and humanities work for and with the public. In our first season, we’re examining public history work as it relates to studying the roots of systemic racism in our city, state, and nation. Can public history work bring about meaningful change? And if so, how? For more resources on these topics, make sure to check us out at or find us on facebook and twitter @UHCPHistory. Together, we can help reclaim our past. CPH Director: Dr. Monica Perales ([email protected])Podcast Producer: Dr. Kristina Neumann ([email protected]) Program Manager: Dr. Wes Jackson ([email protected])

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